CMOAR – news feed only on Kickstarter

who wants to be up to date with cmoar development, has to look for their kickstarter page.
Only bakers can leave comments, so we from germany, can only read…

summaries by developer team:

actualy (2015-08) they are solving issues with consoles compatibility.

i hope, they would deliver in 2015.
i only want/need the HMD 2D Version without sensors for PS4-hdmi, i will use my ZEISS headtracker(IMU),

on reddit some cmoar headset stuff

CMOAR is closing the gap

is going into „preorder“ phase.

they close the gap, which gap?
They offer “ 5.98” 60Hz Full HD add-on screen for streaming via HDMI (1920×1080 – 368ppi)“ [, also a 2k version!]

This display can be used  instead of a phone!
This display is full hd.
This display is cabled hdmi – no lags caused by wifi stuff.
in combination with
the cmoar headset with 2D mono lense
we can use PS4 hdmi output connected to this head mounted device.
Thats what i am  looking for.
What is best/most effective/good price/high performing
option playing games today in HMD, my opinion.

But what about sensors?
I have my own ZEISS headtracker USBversion.
That will give me freedom of head tracking.

With this combination
we can play flight-/car-simlulator (war-thunder, project-cars),
without 3D (i dont need it, not yet ;o) ),
without lags,
in high video quality,
with head tracking,
enough immersion for first head mounted experiences.

cmoar is aiming to deliver in fall 2015.
i hope they will do so, but projects are mostly not in time… ;o)
Will sony delivere their Morpheus realy in first half of 2016?
, and at which expense?!!

When cmoar delivers this 2D stuff, and it works..
then i could look, for their 3D/VR stuff.. but thats another story,
demands other hardware and games too,
2D HMD is now, 3D HMD is next