PSVR with PC in 2D ?

PSVR headset is available for 3 years now and used ones are available on ebay for some bugs.

On Youtube we can see some people trying to connect PSVR with PC and a few try to show 2D.

So i bought a used PSVR, tried some things out.

First test was to connect PSVR to PC. That was quite simple.
Connected everything as should as like as with a PS4 but instead PS4 i connected to Laptop hdmi.

without any software or driver installation

Result: the PSVR goes on/stays on. It shows the PC desktop in VR mode, left and right eye get their own image. The head movement is translated, so that i can look into the corners, the screen is located fixed in the room. Sound goes to headset, has to be set to desired output device. Display is running 60Hz only, without extra drivers, but should be able to go 90 or even 120.

next i want to display the pc desktop on the PSVR display in 2D as fullHD and not side by side.


The PSVR has 2 different HDMI connectors. One is standard and the other is special.
The pins are identically but the plug outer form is different, so that users can not plugin the cables in a wrong/not correct setup.
This gives us only one possible way to connect the headset to PC, with the standard hdmi cable.
The second HDMI cable from headset goes to the triangle signed port of the processing unit.
The output to tv stays empty.
The output to PS4 has to be connected to processing unit input that is signed with X, with an extra hdmi cable.
USB can left empty, if we only proof the display, the USB is for sending signals to PS4/PC like IMU chips data.

In that fashion i connected the PSVR to my laptop, without any software or driver installation.

Result: the PSVR goes on/stays on. It shows the PC desktop on full display not side by side, thats what i wanted.
The optics are not made for that, thats right. I will have to tear down the PSVR to remove the 3D optics lenses and figure out how to implement 2D googles lenses with 3-5 diop.

as show in youtube,
i tear down the PSVR headset completely.

Surprise No1:
To my surprise, the lenses are kittet/molded in.
So if you ever have scratches in the lenses, you need more that just new lenses.

Surprise No2:
the display itself is fullHD ok… BUT it comes with a black vertical line in the middle,
and because of that, this display will never be a display to show content in 2D,
you would always have a vertical black line in the middle.
Thats the reason, why this display is out of the game.
the headset itself is quite nice strapband, holds nicely at head.

So i will use this,
try to put in a whole smartphone instead the display.

While tear down and build back together i recognized that if the display cable isnt 100% correctly connected, the PSVR unit goes on at start and goes out again. Thats the reason,
why i cannot run the headset without a plugged in orig display, to use the orig PSVR mainboard with everything like the blue LEDs , the IMU sensors and so on.

I will have to rip everything out and use a own solution for headtracking.
The blue LEDs would be nice to use, but there is no software that can track all PSVR headset LEDs and calculate the position in room. TrinusVR is only tracking the middle center LED but not all LEDs!? And if that would work, we would still have trouble with the feature „look over shoulder“.
So i will not use the blue LEDs, and not the PSVR IMU.