120Hz display (mobile device)

looking for a smartphone with 120Hz display, i looked for razor phone 2 on ebay, and got one with cracked backplate for quite good price.

i installed moonlight app and connected with pc via USB-C cable and entered pin to connect nvidia experience software with the smartphones moonlight app.

now i can
– set PC to 90Hz / 120Hz, and
– set 90Hz or 120Hz on razor phone 2 , according to pc settings
– and set moonlight app on the smartphone to go 90/120Hz

finally i have a great working gamestream over USB with stable frames and no blur effects.

actually there are more than one smartphone on the market making 120Hz

getting a mobile device supporting 120Hz , used one or a new one, for a „small“ price is atually reality.


2D HMD simplified using moonlight

Laptop MSI GS30 + external MSI GTX980-4G
nvidia GTX graphic cards support streaming capabilities
>> http://moonlight-stream.com/ <<

Smartphone Sony Z2
+ USB OTG + USB-RJ45 Network adapter -> Router, where PC is connected to also
+ Moonlight App for Android
+ Lenses, Reading glass, +5.00 dioptrien

Durovis DIVE 7 modified

ZEISS Headtracker USB connected to PC and added to HMD

Moonlight App Settings:
– resolution 1920×1080 with framerate 60
– bandwith begin with low values.. when using higher values the stream will begin to stutter badly..
– sound from PC .. i use PC connected sound/earphones
– no controlls .. i use PC connected devices mouse/keyboard/HOTAS

start PC Geforce Experience Center (games are already set, which should/can be used for streaming)
shut down Windows Firewall for Private Network
start Smartphone App Moonlight
Manualy set IP of PC we connect to … look for it with PC cmd ipconfig . something like
successfully connected ? ok… then choose the PC in the App. will display the in Geforce experience center preconfigured games.. choose one ..like WarThunder, War Thunder starts with launcher as normal, you can choose graphic resolution and VSync (btw: will have refreshrate of your configured display settings, for me the display port full HD at 144Hz)

game will start and run at 60Hz on Smartphone nicely !! without artefacts! supersharp crisp..

using  the Smartphone for HMD is better , because to look at corners HUD elements you will not have to move your eyes at extreme positions like it would be with bigger tablet…

what we realy need is a mobile „VR“ Smartphone  HMD .. that has no lenses.. and adjustable distance for smartphone..
so we can use own reading glasses like  normal glass… not adjusting inside lenses

and a further feature wood be.. to buy a used Z2 Smartphone and open it completely to take out the display.. to add a longer ribbon cable between display and smartphone… to put only the thin display in front and the weighty rest of the smartphone put at hmd close to head..