CMOAR is closing the gap

is going into „preorder“ phase.

they close the gap, which gap?
They offer “ 5.98” 60Hz Full HD add-on screen for streaming via HDMI (1920×1080 – 368ppi)“ [, also a 2k version!]

This display can be used  instead of a phone!
This display is full hd.
This display is cabled hdmi – no lags caused by wifi stuff.
in combination with
the cmoar headset with 2D mono lense
we can use PS4 hdmi output connected to this head mounted device.
Thats what i am  looking for.
What is best/most effective/good price/high performing
option playing games today in HMD, my opinion.

But what about sensors?
I have my own ZEISS headtracker USBversion.
That will give me freedom of head tracking.

With this combination
we can play flight-/car-simlulator (war-thunder, project-cars),
without 3D (i dont need it, not yet ;o) ),
without lags,
in high video quality,
with head tracking,
enough immersion for first head mounted experiences.

cmoar is aiming to deliver in fall 2015.
i hope they will do so, but projects are mostly not in time… ;o)
Will sony delivere their Morpheus realy in first half of 2016?
, and at which expense?!!

When cmoar delivers this 2D stuff, and it works..
then i could look, for their 3D/VR stuff.. but thats another story,
demands other hardware and games too,
2D HMD is now, 3D HMD is next


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