Python for programming Arduino

you can plug arduino via usb to a computer/laptop to use the computer/laptop for the main programm logic, using arduino only as sensor&actuator…

but powering an laptop all time..

hmm.. is there anything out there, using Python directly on the arduino?

you could use a cellphone/handy with symbian S60 and nokias DeveloperKit

arduino + Symbian S60

or something more like this, python on a chip
arduino + py-on-a-chip

so i am waiting for a extra ArduinoPythonShield, in the plug and play way…
that would be great.. solving many starting problems with C/C++
having more fun, faster results..

Python serial read for Arduino

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-

import sys
import time
import serial

print "ok"

# Parameter von Konsole entgegennehmen
#if len(sys.argv) != 2:
#   print "you have to pass the name of a serial port"
#   sys.exit(1)
#serial_port = sys.argv[1]

serial_port = "COM13"
arduino = serial.Serial(

# continous read
line = arduino.readline()

while len(str(line))!=0:

      line = arduino.readline().rstrip()
      print line