Printer HP Photosmart B209a – ink refill


The HP Photosmart B209a printer costs under 100,- Euro in the year 2009.
Today 54,- Euro.
A printhead spare part costs narly the same!

The main problem is, that this printer needs a lot of ink, and the orig ink cartridges do cost a lot.

So i looked for possibilities to refill mine.
So i ordered from
refill set of 4x250ml refill ink Bk,C,M,Y for a prize of 29,-Euro, and injectors/needles.
this is a prize of 1 liter for 29,- Euro, colour independent.
XL cartridges contain 18ml of ink.
With 250 ml of each color, i can refill all 4 colors 13x times.
With orig XL cartridges 4 x 13 x 17,- orig XL price, colour independent, makes: 884,- Euro.
884,- Euro minus 29,- Euro = saved money: 855,- Euro


original 364 standard cartrigdes:

orig ink cartridge 364 C,M,Y contains 3ml ! – 8,- Euro / 300 pages
(2,67 Euro pro 1ml / 2.670 Euro per 1 liter)

orig ink cartridge Bk contains 6 ml ! – 9,- Euro / 250 pages
(1,50 Euro pro 1ml / 1.500 Euro per 1 liter)

orig ink cartridge 364 pack of 4 (Bk,C,M,Y) – 27,- Euro (3x 8,- = 24,-, the fourth costs only 3,- , this looks like cheap offer to save money)


original 364 XL cartrigdes:

orig ink cartridge XL – C,M,Y contains 6ml ! – 17,- Euro / 750 pages
(2,83 Euro pro 1ml / 2.830 Euro per 1 liter)

orig ink cartridge XL – Bk contains 18ml – 17,- Euro / 550 pages
(0,94 Euro pro 1ml / 940 Euro per 1 liter)

orig ink cartridge XL 364 pack of 4 (Bk,C,M,Y) – 68,- Euro (= 4×17,-)

XL colour cartrigdes do cost a little bit more compared to standard  (content x2,prize x2).
XL black cartridges do cost less compare to standard (content x3,prize x2).




refill cartridges transparent,
 These transparent cartridges are good, because you can always see easily the fill level, „while printing“ and when you refill them. And you refill at the side of the empty cell with easy re-closing the point of injection with a pin.

the XL color and standard color cartridges are identical.
The standard cartridges come with an empty second ink chamber, only the sponge in the first chamber is filled with ink. (3ml/6ml)
The black XL cartridges are bigger in width(18ml).