War Thunder PS4 – seeing is winning

to get better in the game
its important to see the other teammates and your opponents.

Head Tracking feature would quite good, if it would work perfectly,
what is actualy not the case.

So which option are left?

i use a mouse (usb,optical,Razer), directly connected to an usb hub, which is connected to the PS4.

With the mouse i can look around quite fast and comfortable, left, right, top, bottom…
and very important, with the mouse left click, i can recenter instantly!

One thing is not so good,
for a mouse you need some place on the desk to move the mouse around.

So you can think about to test a real 3D Mouse like this:
http://www.3dconnexion.de/products/spacenavigator.html << http://www.rakuten.de/produkt/3dconnexion-spacenavigator-standard-edition-1045245985.html?portaldv=3&sclid=a_rakneu_pla_DE&cid=google_base_pla&utm_source=gpla_DE&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=googlebase-pla-2012-02_DE&gclid=COCkmtTx_8ICFSdn7Aod0h0AFw use hot key to: - look back - look to bottom ground - follow your actual tagged opponent