2D FullHD HMD – magnifying lens

using a magnifying lens, type fresnel, like this one:
costs only 5,- euro.

we can use a tablet like Sony Z3 tablet compact or smartphone like Sony Z2
(with native Playstation Remote Play + Fligh Simulation (WarTHunder) + Headtracker),
bring the display very close to our face while using the magnifying lens to avoid crossing eyes,
having 2D full HD working, in none Side-By-Side.

so we can try to build something from scratch or modify a durovis dive 5 or durovis dive 7.
so we can have today, what cmoar wants to bring out anytime in a commercial version, the 2D mono lense.

this will be a good base for PC based game streaming too.

SONY Z2 + Android native SBS + PS4 Remote – finaly DONE

this will give you a 2D HeadMountDisplay, not 3D!

SONY Z2 smartphone rooted with Cyanogenmod CM11

sdcard needed, is mounted as /storage/sdcard1/

getting your bootloader unlock code from SONY
you need a email adress with a .com adress!
with gmx.de, gmx.net, web.de adresses you will get no answer, no key from sony service

i used the way using a sdcard,
copy the zip on sdcard and so on…

the drivers you will need:
after installing the drivers fastboot will respond correctly
fastboot getvar version
version: 0.5
finished. total time: -0.000s
so then you can unlock bootloader

to have Googles Store we need GoogleApp Set
we have with CM11 the android version 4.4.4
it the Z2 processor a 64bit version?
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801
CPU Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400
64 Bit 64 Bit wird NICHT unterstützt
-> ARM.. kein ARM64, kein x86

i took the stock Google_Apps version..

the rest is described yet in the manuals..

then added App Android native SBS.. cost some bugs…
giving root to this app if asked for
ImageDistance 0 and Zoom 100% will work.
my hint: use a bluetooth keyboard with additional touchpad to navigate in SBS mode.. will be very helpfull.

Then PS4 RemotePlay app
latest version 1.3.2

allow apps from unknown sources
http://www.mediafire.com/download/s2l9dl5el2d42lr/RemotePlayPortITBV1.3.2.apk 5.88MB
copy to sd card.. from pc over usb cable to the phone sd card
filemanager, install apk file..

i have a bluetooth keyboard+touchpad for SONZ Z2 SBS-Mode,
PS4 has keyboard, mouse, DS4 controller,..
i did not used the App Sixaxis

CM11 was not working over ethernet, so i tested App Ethernet.. but PS4 remote play only worked with Wifi..

RemotePlay App Settings Quality and RefreshRate from Standard set to High.
PS4 connected with ethernet to router. Router has wifi net, which the SONY Z2 is connected to.

Using a Homido headset.
Nice result.. but WarThunder is playable, but not against other players.. its good, but not good enough.. WHY?

SONY Z2 has a FullHD display..
and we use SideBySide SBS.
So two screens are displayed in a single FullHD display.
This results in a QUARTER HD final resolution!!!
Playing WarThunder we will need finaly FullHD (per eye when SBS method is used), this means 4x FullHD resolution, so that each eye gets its own FullHD view.

– WE NEED 4K Smartphone Display or
– or The Games must render crisp screens in Quarter-HD that result in crisp view
– or CMOAR Headset 2D mono lense will give us BEST Result in FullHD

All the VR sets coming soon
are FullHD for both eyes..

I give my attention to CMOAR Headset 2D mono lense.

then we can go again with SONY Z2 and PS4 RemotePlay, without SBS, in finaly FullHD.

SONY Remote Play for all Android


damit erweitert sich die Auswahl RemotePlay-fähiger
Smartphones/Tablets mit FullHD .. up to 2k/4k
zum günstigsten Preis(FullHD).

Smartphone/Tablet sollte von Cyanogenmod unterstützt werden,
rooten per Cyanogenmod,..Native SBS App, RemotePlay,…

USB-B Mikro-B Ethernet Adapter – PS4 Remote Play / Z3 Tablet compact

Um das Z3 compact tablet an PS4 Remote Play ohne Wifi-Lag,
direkt über Ethernet Kabel anzuschließen,
probieren wir mal den USB-B Mikro-B Ethernet Adapter.

Eigentlich wollte ich einen von
aber diese gibt es derzeit nicht in Deutschland Amazon.

Daher, nach langer Suche bin ich gestoßen auf:
1x 21,90 € 1993205
Lindy USB 2.0 Micro-B Ethernet Adapter 10/100
Verbinden Sie Ihr Ultrabook oder Tablet mit dem Netzwerk
Highlights USB 2.0 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter USB Mikro-B Anschluss

Testergebnis: works not… aber man benötigt wohl auch hier, wie bei MHL-Adaptern mehr Saft auf der Leitung, also einen aktiven USB Hub benutzen, dort das Handy direkt an den Hub und dann den USB-Ethernet Adapter auch an den Hub, dumm nur dass ich nun einen Adapter brauch USB-Micro weibl. auf USB 2.0 männl.

PS4 + HeadMountDisplay … working in SideBySide – working setup

He got it,

Head mount display, Phone, playing PS4.

Veröffentlicht am 06.06.2015

Sony Z2 Phone (FullHD)
+ CM11 (CyanogenMod)
+ SBS 1.09 (Native SideBySide)
+ Remote play
+ DS4 controller

nothing about head tracking..
but i would use my ZEISS/Arduino Headtracker..
and would try USB OTG Ethernet.. instead of Wifi…

PC: Trinus VR + War Thunder(PC) + S4mini/Z3tablet

in Android PlayStore i found „TrinusVR“ and so i tested it on my old weak computer.

With TrinusVR you can send Videostream from PC, from a PC window, converted as SBS SideBySide to a Smartphone, with 3D or at least without 3D (Fake3D = 2D).

The App is available as Demo Version „Trinus VR Lite“, was installed easily.

I picked up my old computer, a core2duo 2GHz, and installed
War Thunder. War Thunder looks great even on weak maschines. Till now i only knew the PS4 graphics. And second: PC mouse aiming is not fair. Gaijin should add some option for gamers so that they could decide, if they want play with or without opponents which are using mouse steering.

So ok… start the TrinusVR PC Server. Used first the Wifi setup, USB later. So i took my Z3 tablet and logged in Wifi access point started by TrinusVR „trinus:mypassword“. and then started Android App of TrinusVR. This works, but graphic was ugly.. because PC initial details setup was set „retro“ which means 256 color and block style graphic. While streaming is working we can adjust some settings at PC server software.. Graphic details too, after that it was quite good. But at all my PC was 100% cpu load all time. The main game was running smooth but the stream was not at all. So i guess its a PC CPU bottleneck.

So i went to USB connection. Using USB Tethering on Android. My Z3 tablet is a Wifi only version and it gives me no option for selecting Tethering! So i took my Samsung S4 mini Dual Phone and it has the option Tethering over USB. This works, but better? Maybe the CPU of Phone should be better? And the S4 mini has only qHD, one fourth of HD! while the Z3tablet gives me FullHD.

At the end i went back, using Z3 tablet with Wifi. Using a google cardboard asked me to dig deeper in the settings, because cardboard with its lenses is designed for 4″ Phones and not for 8″ as the Z3tablet is.
But TrinusVR gives us the possibility to adjust everything. Switch to „Advanced Mode“, and „VR settings“ we can arange the SBS view, positioning, sizing, turning.. so i got the cardboard useable at 8″ tablet… not handy but viewable.

but realy playable, it was not.
A better PC-jhardware would be required i guess so far.

Going further… trying Durovis Dive 7 with z3tablet 8″.
or using a better FullHD Smartphone 4-5,7″..
Samsung Edge 12,92 cm Quad-HD-Super-AMOLED-Display (2.560 x 1.440 Pixel)

PS4 + Z3 tablet compact + Zeiss headtracker + Arduino Lenoardo – CHANGING GAMEPLAY

we started playing WarThunder on PS4 with standard PS4 setup, consisting of PS4 console and controller and FullHD monitor display.
The aim circle/cross is alway the center of your screen!

when we start using headtracking, we get new possibilities and new problems too.
Using headtracking version 1 ( moving head 45degree to left/right while looking to screen )  the center of our look isnt the same as the center of aiming!

to get better gameplay, we should set up a new color for our aiming cross, war thunder supports this setting..  not white (flying in the alps, not black, not brown.. better use any not natural terrain color, like pink..), while left/right is max 45degree so most time you will see your aiming cross, your HUD on your screen

later using headtracking version 2 ( HMD head mounted display, display moves with your head ), you can look around, above, behind your shoulders… you will not see your aiming cross, you will not see your artifical HUD altiude… you will loose controll of your  plain!
you can learn how to control in this new environment, but i guess you will not have advantages, you will have disadvantages.. as long as gamers play with unidentical equipment…

my choise number 1 is… using joystick to fly and mouse to look around
my choise numer 2 is..  using joystick to fly and ZEISS headtracker + arduino set up for impressive headtracking  version 1 ( moving head 45degree to left/right while looking to screen )… setting up color of aim cross
the other option, the HMD setup would be benefit in not so fast scenarios like semi/full-simulation battles

SONY Z3 tablet + PS4 + Remote Play + Zeiss Headtracker (playing WarTHunder)


took a helmet,
added a wooden system to carry the
Z3 tablet compact (268grams),
fixed Zeiss headtracker at the helmet, take care of correct alignment of axes
Zeiss headtraker connected to Laptop and then via USBSerial Adapter to Arduino Leonardo via USB to PS4

starting PS4,
starting RemotePlay from Z3,
finaly it works, flying the plane, looking around you to left, right, up, down..works great
BUT disadvantages are
– added little lag from streaming, not much, but in dogfights…
– the helmet construction with great enough distance to do not need eyeglasses creates leverage.. in addition to static weight…
– streaming video quality (not 1:1 what you know from TV screen) on Z3 in remote play app, we can use the settings icon, sitting in the upper right corner, to set various stuff and there we can set streaming quality, from standard to HIGH and fps from standard to HIGH!


main problem is, how do we get 1:1 quality hdmi signal from PS4 onto our Z3 tablet WITHOUT  additional lag milliseconds ,
a solution using a cable would be accepted too
but MHL seems to be by design one direction only…

if you want to go further,
– get the Z3 in smaller distance, closer to your eyes..needing lenses, cross-eye-problem?
– get the Z3 in smaller distance will give lower leverage force/weight
– getting construction of arm as low as possible
– find a tablet or full HD panel+controller with cabled HDMI..
– check out 60GHz hdmi streamers (but missing point to use Z3 as TV screen to output incoming hdmi signals)


android using ethernet: http://www.bobjgear.com/which-tablets-support-ethernet.html

SONY Z3 tablet + PS4 + Remote Play (playing WarTHunder)

Modem->Router(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->ethernet cable->Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)

Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->ethernet cable->PS4
Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->5GHz->Sony Z3 tablet compact

description how to set up remote play are available on internet.. it works..

BUT graphic gets streamed as video stream from PS4 to Z3 tablet and so the Video Encoding gets involved.. resulting in not the same graphic brilliance like we see on main tv screen.

UPDATE: on Z3 in remote play app, we can use the settings icon, sitting in the upper right corner, to set various stuff and there we can set streaming quality, from standard to HIGH and fps from standard to HIGH!


Maybe we could get better results when using a hdmi-splitter, external hdmi streamer, a app that reads our own stream, controlling quality, codec..  we need not realy remote play, only the screen on a tablet infront of our eyes, mimik a 2D head mounted display for flight simulations..

War Thunder – PS4 – HMD HeadMountedDisplay – FPV FirstPersonView – 2D

War Thunder – PS4 –
HMD HeadMountedDisplay –
FPV FirstPersonView –

folgendes Video von TannerRice zeigt
WarThunder mit iPhone HMD(cardboard version)
Wie kann man das anstatt mit iPhone und PC Technik nun für PS4 umsetzen?
Tip: auf Morpheus warten


theoretische Möglichkeiten:

Sony PS4
Game: War Thunder (Plane Simulation with Head Movement, FPV First Person View)
Remote Play
Sony Tablet xperia z3:
– 8″ FullHD 379,- to use 2D not 3D
– 213,3 x 6,4 x 123,6 mm
– 270 g
– 1900 x 1200 pixel
– micro USB OTG!(usb-otg to LAN possible ? instead wifi)


www.google.com/get/cardboard/ << keyFeature.. is 2D viewable?

www.vrnerds.de/  – Das deutsche Virtual Reality Showcase und Blog – VR∙Nerds


– bei 6″ ist Schluss mit HeadMounted Helmen mit Phone/Table-Aufnahmen?
– Side-by-Side Darstellung wird benötigt, diese müsste bereits die Kombo „PS4+TabletApp+RemotePlay“ bereitstellen

Zur reinen Bildübertragung benötigen wir noch das HeadTracking, allerdings in weit besser Qualität als in der bisherigen ersten Version.

IR InfraRed (active or reflective)
Sony PS3 Cam (60fps)
PC/Laptop with openCV/simpleCV/Python
Arduino Serial Light (frome PC usb to serial Arduino Leonardo)
Arduino Leonardo (hardware acting as mouse input at ps4 usb)