SONY Z3 tablet + PS4 + Remote Play + Zeiss Headtracker (playing WarTHunder)


took a helmet,
added a wooden system to carry the
Z3 tablet compact (268grams),
fixed Zeiss headtracker at the helmet, take care of correct alignment of axes
Zeiss headtraker connected to Laptop and then via USBSerial Adapter to Arduino Leonardo via USB to PS4

starting PS4,
starting RemotePlay from Z3,
finaly it works, flying the plane, looking around you to left, right, up, great
BUT disadvantages are
– added little lag from streaming, not much, but in dogfights…
– the helmet construction with great enough distance to do not need eyeglasses creates leverage.. in addition to static weight…
– streaming video quality (not 1:1 what you know from TV screen) on Z3 in remote play app, we can use the settings icon, sitting in the upper right corner, to set various stuff and there we can set streaming quality, from standard to HIGH and fps from standard to HIGH!


main problem is, how do we get 1:1 quality hdmi signal from PS4 onto our Z3 tablet WITHOUT  additional lag milliseconds ,
a solution using a cable would be accepted too
but MHL seems to be by design one direction only…

if you want to go further,
– get the Z3 in smaller distance, closer to your eyes..needing lenses, cross-eye-problem?
– get the Z3 in smaller distance will give lower leverage force/weight
– getting construction of arm as low as possible
– find a tablet or full HD panel+controller with cabled HDMI..
– check out 60GHz hdmi streamers (but missing point to use Z3 as TV screen to output incoming hdmi signals)

android using ethernet:

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