PS4 + Z3 tablet compact + Zeiss headtracker + Arduino Lenoardo – CHANGING GAMEPLAY

we started playing WarThunder on PS4 with standard PS4 setup, consisting of PS4 console and controller and FullHD monitor display.
The aim circle/cross is alway the center of your screen!

when we start using headtracking, we get new possibilities and new problems too.
Using headtracking version 1 ( moving head 45degree to left/right while looking to screen )  the center of our look isnt the same as the center of aiming!

to get better gameplay, we should set up a new color for our aiming cross, war thunder supports this setting..  not white (flying in the alps, not black, not brown.. better use any not natural terrain color, like pink..), while left/right is max 45degree so most time you will see your aiming cross, your HUD on your screen

later using headtracking version 2 ( HMD head mounted display, display moves with your head ), you can look around, above, behind your shoulders… you will not see your aiming cross, you will not see your artifical HUD altiude… you will loose controll of your  plain!
you can learn how to control in this new environment, but i guess you will not have advantages, you will have disadvantages.. as long as gamers play with unidentical equipment…

my choise number 1 is… using joystick to fly and mouse to look around
my choise numer 2 is..  using joystick to fly and ZEISS headtracker + arduino set up for impressive headtracking  version 1 ( moving head 45degree to left/right while looking to screen )… setting up color of aim cross
the other option, the HMD setup would be benefit in not so fast scenarios like semi/full-simulation battles

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