SONY Z3 tablet + PS4 + Remote Play (playing WarTHunder)

Modem->Router(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->ethernet cable->Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)

Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->ethernet cable->PS4
Router2(wifi 2,4+5GHz,lanports)->5GHz->Sony Z3 tablet compact

description how to set up remote play are available on internet.. it works..

BUT graphic gets streamed as video stream from PS4 to Z3 tablet and so the Video Encoding gets involved.. resulting in not the same graphic brilliance like we see on main tv screen.

UPDATE: on Z3 in remote play app, we can use the settings icon, sitting in the upper right corner, to set various stuff and there we can set streaming quality, from standard to HIGH and fps from standard to HIGH!


Maybe we could get better results when using a hdmi-splitter, external hdmi streamer, a app that reads our own stream, controlling quality, codec..  we need not realy remote play, only the screen on a tablet infront of our eyes, mimik a 2D head mounted display for flight simulations..

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