War Thunder PS4 – Saitek X55

works great, with the PS4
better than the previous thrustmaster force feedback joystick.

but PS4 is not always recognizing the axis of the devices,
throttle has an own usb, joystick has an own usb.
so at the beginning of gaming you need to set the axis for throttle, gearing, rolling, …
but a good tip could be: plug out the devices before you start the PS4,
when you are in the game in the control options, then plug in the joystick at first… when this has the axis with the lower IDs, after that plug in the Throttle, when the throttle has the higher axis IDs.
I will find out.. or Gaijin GameDeveloper could fix this next time?
The Buttons seems to stay correct, axis are lost.
Normaly a device has an own USB ID? Which is a real identifier not only a number of the n-th plugged in usb device. Then the game should/could store the information, regardless at which usb port the devices are plugged in, but maybe this time its on Gaijins implementation.

how to change the spring of the joystick

good: many, many buttons…
crazy possibilities to programm all these buttons/axis

when you attach a command to a keyboard keystroke, then you can programm the joysticks buttons/axis to immitate the keyboard keys!
you can programm axis in a special style: divide up the full range of an axle in two, three, four or more separate parts.. which you can bind to a key…

but i have to „screw“ to stick and throttle to the desk,
especially the throttle, when its used in „strong“ manner, when you pull back to you, the throttle could pullout from desk.

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