Razor Phone2 in PSVR

NEXT TO DO 2021-01

the BNO055 HeadTracker is working now,
the Razor Phone gives nice 120 / 90 Hz gamestream via USB,

its time to disassemble the PSVR headset again and ressemble in modified way as follows:

if i use most of PSVR and use dremel-drill to work out no needed original lenses and middle nose part to get a full window, i can look through.
Going that way, i could use the plastic rubber facemask.

Then take measures and use orig screws/holes to fix the RazorPhone2 in orig display position.

I will try to use a glasses with 3-5 diop , and not build in the glasses/lenses into the headset.
to have the glasses closest to the eyes it is best to wear glasses like sunglasses… and not as lenses milimeters more away from eyes.

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