HMD Head mounted display – 2D – DIY


HMD Head mounted display – for 2D contents – DoItYourself

quite cool,
genius idea to use a welding helmet ;o)
using an wifi air mouse(6-axis)

specs, taken from airons1972 youtube account :

1x 8″ 1024*768 LCD Display + HDMI+VGA+2AV LCD Controller Board (ebay)
1x A5 size 3x magnification fresnel lens (ebay)
1x wireless 2.4g air mouse (ebay)
1x 5 meter VGA cable (ebay)
1x 5 Meter DC power cable (ebay)
1x 9v power supply (ebay)
1x cheap plastic welding helmet (ebay)
Thick black card for screen surround
Black gaffa tape
8x large black pull ties for securing cables and air mouse to the helmet

Total cost = £100 ($154)

Features include VGA input, Wide 90+ degree Field Of Vision (FOV) and works with ANY PC game that uses mouselook. (i.e. virtually any First Person Shooter)

I recommend you mount the fresnel lens 80mm in front of your lcd screen with the rough/grooved side towards your face. This gives a nice level of magnification without loss of focus. You need the lens as close to your face as possible without it touching your nose.



what is an Air Mouse?
available for 15-25,- Euros



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