Will HMD-Headsets for any HDMI source, in 2D-Mode SideBySide, appear?

RAZOR OSVR – its opensource…
so there could be many contributors that make things possible.
But most of them, i guess, are hunting the VR virtual reality stuff.

The way to consumer VR is still long. And till VR gets reality in consumer homes,
we could have fun with HMD Headsets in 2D, with headtracking.

I would like to see the possibility to plugin any HDMI source/signal,
and convert it to SBS SideBySide by the Headset itself, or by extra box.
Then many gamers could use this for their flight/racing games in 2D-only mode,
and console gamers like PS4gamers too(WarThunder, ProjectCars).
Headtracking could be made with HMD´s own sensors or
extra independent external sensors that act like a usb mouse (in case of PS4).

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