War Thunder – PS4 – Headtracking


PS4 – Camera
http://www.ign.com/blogs/finalverdict/2013/11/02/xbox-one-vs-playstation-4-kinect-20-vs-playstation-4-camera (tech spec not 100% identical to latest specs given on sony website)

in the game WarThunder you can use the PS4 camera to look around,
while you are flying your plane.

The option to activat this feature is quite hidden.
In your Controls Menu in the Game, you will find a hint in the downb left corner.
Push L1 Button for Advanced settings.
If you hit L1 you get the menu to activate different extras and to activate the Headtracking option and set the sensitivity.

It works, ok, but its not so accurate as it should be.
I can not figure out how to center the view again, its on you.
Looking to the left, to the right works good,
Looking to the top, to the bottom works good,
but when you center your head/view along the nose of your plane,
it takes extra time to do so.
The question is,
what is calculated by whom?
Do the GameDevelopers of Gaijin everything,
or are they catching precalculated data from camera/API itself.

I have done a test to get answer to my question,
Does the game using real face-recognition or
is it doing its job in a more easier way, getting tracking your head with simpler model of your head.
I took a security helmet, orange coloured (STIHL), with black net view/face shield protectiv and big yellow ear protectors.
I have done the camera setup in PS4 settings menu with that costum.
Then i started the game, and when the view/face shield protectiv is closed/down,
the game headtracking isnt working anymore, when i open the view/face shield protectiv the head tracking works again.
My conclusion: the headtracking is using real face recognition, and so the question is again, is Gaijin doing the face recognition, realy? or is Gaijin headtracking using PS4 camera programming interface/API.

The head tracking is cool option, but for real game plane fights.. sometimes it gives you a feeling what could be.. and then because of the lag to recenter its not satisfying.
It would be good to switching the facetracking on/off while playing, using a hotkey on your joystick/keyboard, as long as the head tracking isnt working 100% satisfying.

Maybe a additional accessory could fix the problems?
But the basic head tracking stuff is using face recognition…
Could something like these accessories give an advantage?

Additional note:
– it works better in good light condition
– it works better in a distance of more then 1 meter,
sitting at a desk is to near/close to the camera!
– works good with full sensitivity (head tracking option/setting)

Wishlist to Gaijin:
Please implement a Head Tracking NOT based on Face regocnition! instead
based on accessories like these from naturalpoint.com Vector/TrackClip.

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