Durovis Dive – 2D-modification

Durovis Dive 7 for tablets

  • removed the original lenses, easy pull out
  • added wooden cubes with borehole, left and right, glued with special plastic glue
  • used brass threaded rods and brass screws and washers
  • some foam styropor
  • wooden stripes with boreholes
  • some rubber gum to prevent slidings..
  • used +5 dioptrien glasses http://www.sehhelfer.de/index.php?searchparam=LUL0486&cl=search&send=Suchen
    magnification x2,25 dioptrien +5.0, ca. 16 Euro
  • ZEISS USB head^tracker at right side  (goes to pc, from there via usb serial to arduino to ps4)
  • USB OTG + USB Ethernet adaptor from „plugable“ + 5 meters high flexible ethernet cable
  • no additional power cord.. but could be done, because sony z3 tablet has an extra power connector


  • 2D view HMD is possible


  • the weight could be less, own 3D printing
  • sometimes fogging from nose breathing, sweating,
  • more comfort would be nice

next steps could be:

get rid of PS4 video compression lag
– use display with direct HDMI input..
– or use PC/Laptop with nvidias GTX grafic card for better video encoding and streaming
– or use PC direct USB thethering ( like seen with Trinus VR)

Durovis Dive 5 for smartphones



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