2D HMD 2017-Q4 – MOGO + Razor Gamer Smartphone

new gadget became available, so we could rethink a 2D HMD HeadMountDisplay for Flight and Car simulation… 3DOF

first new gadget is „MOGO“
its an smartphone HMD with special lenses so that we can see the smartphone display in 2D, like a  big screen.  The lenses are available itself as single item. Or we can buy the HMD with lenses already installed. 
With that MOGO HMD we can give up to build our own humble design.

next gadget is the Razor Gamer Phone
the most spectacular feature is the 120 Hz display…
hopefully the display has low persistence too, so that video/(nvidia-)game stream(moonlight) from PC would not blur when head is turning around .. 
We will see if first hands on test will come available and discussed in more detail.

Using this two item plus a MotionCapture System for 3DOF/6DOF
we could play brilliant full HD 2D HMD.
The Razor smartphone native resolution is even better than Full HD its QuadHD 


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