2D HMD with cinema2go – first impressions

in december 2020, cinema2go offered 60% discount, so i gave it a chance and ordered


the product reached first the german lokal ZOLL export department, to pay taxes.

First test of the MOGO HDMI.. it is very light weight..
plugged in the HDMI and the USB cables…
I started my PC Win10, and see that the MOGO uses a topfoison display
on topfpoison website i can read that this display supports max 60 Hz.

The HDMI and USB cables are with estimated 1m, not long enough for my „gaming“ rig.
Using windows display settings and not the geforce,
i set the display „2“ to 1440×2560 60Hz and set to horizontal,
then the MOGO screen shows correct view.

First impressions:
When screens is black, it seems that there are some pixels malfunction, not black.
The lenses cause distortions.. barrel and cromatic..
i will not use this in that form.

and the screen is only sharp, when the picture stands still,
in other case.. it will blur a bit…
i dont know, if that effect caused by display technic or by the windows driver, or even comes with 60Hz.

My conclusion:
So i decided to rip the MOGO in parts,
to use, to test CARSON +4dioptrin plugable glasses.
and the result should be much more worth.

So for that new project, i need to create new parts in autodesk fusion360 to print the needed parts in 3d, using the 3D printers in our local fab-lab/makerspace.

MOGO uses a low distance eye-to-display, that is the reason that special lenses are needed, which will end up with distortions and other drawbacks.
With my changed setup, i will have to use a greater distance eye-to-display, thats seems possible to me, because the display is so leight weight, so that a lever, caused by greater distance should not have great effect.
A greater distance eye-to-display is better for the comfortable view to the display corners, as long we go with 16:9 landscape!

now i have following parts:
– Display with connectors(HDMI+USBmini) and with foldable left and right „arms“.
– lense holder with a nose part
– face mask with strechable rubber bands for head

– create a holder for Carson lenses, that can connect/plugged to the facemask, as like as the orig lense holder before,
lense position:
depth: the lense has to sit closest to the eyes/face with slight or now touch.. but not more than 10mm away…
vertical: adjustable
horizontal: fixed
– stiffen the foldable arms
– create extensions of the arms
– connector between arms and face mask

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